Elon’s Campus Recreation and Wellness released RecWell, an app designed to provide students with information on various recreation and wellness activities. 

According to Director of Campus Recreation and Wellness Larry Mellinger, the app released in late August and already has a good response from students with over 1,000 downloads.

Personal training sessions, Elon Outdoor Adventures and HealthEU resources are all available on the platform. Mellinger also said that students are able to sign up for programs, rent equipment and pay for events directly from the app by logging in with their Elon username and password. 

Mellinger said students often struggle to know what happens within RecWell because there are so many programs offered, and feels the app will help provide clarity and access. 

“We want to meet students where they are,” Mellinger said. “To make health and well-being easily accessible to you, right at your fingertips, is something that is central to our mission.” 

According to Mellinger, campus recreation has been working with Fusion Play, the parent company of the RecWell app, for roughly a year — the goal being to get the app up significantly before Elon’s new wellness center is built based on Elon’s 2030 strategic plan.

“This rollout is intentional so we’re really going to know how to use the software functions by the time we move into a new building,” Mellinger said. 

Though the app has the same information available on the website, Mellinger said the project benefit is bringing recreation and wellness software into one program accessible to students. 

Fusion Play has combined recreation and wellness organization software that was previously housed in different systems. Combining software allows Campus Recreation and Wellness to receive more comprehensive data on their participants. 

“We had all of these different systems that didn’t talk to each other.” Mellinger said. “With all that information integrated, we get the ability to use new data to make decisions that will impact the programs and services we put out.”

Anne Thyfault | Elon News Network

Photo Illustration. A look into the new Campus Recreation and Wellness app.

Mellinger also said Fusion Play software engineers are currently working on integrating intramural sports into the RecWell app. Until then, intramural sports have moved from IMLeagues to the Fusion Plays app available on the app store. 

Senior and Team Lead of Koury Operations Cate Crenny said students often do not know about RecWell events and organizations outside of Koury Gym.

“When students think about Campus Rec, they just think of the gym, but it is so much more,” Crenny said. 

All RecWell websites — including that of intramural sports — will remain functional and continue to hold RecWell information. The new RecWell app is downloadable for all mobile devices on the app store.