Elon University’s Gender & LGBTQIA Center hosted “Espresso Yo Self” to celebrate  International Pronouns Day Oct. 19. Partnering with Irazu Coffee, GLC members and Elon students were able to drink coffee, socialize and learn about pronouns.

Natalie Hudson, an Elon freshman and GLC student assistant, helped coordinate the event, working with the presentations team to set up an informational discussion to educate those interested.

“For many students, the GLC can sometimes be intimidating, so we have events on campus for people to create community and learn more about the queer community on campus,” Hudson said.

Elon juniors Hannah Blackmore and Robyn Allaway were in attendance after hearing about the event from friends who are involved in the GLC. 

After stopping at the GLC table and picking up free swag and pronouns pins, they both enjoyed strawberry smoothies and company with others attending the event.

“It’s important to meet with other individuals who are gender queer or LGBT in general, and to be able to have a space where it's safe to just talk to people,” Blackmore said.

Blackmore and Allaway, who are now roommates, first met at an event similar to Espresso Yo Self and both said they enjoy attending various other GLC events. Allaway appreciates the safe environment that the GLC creates for students on campus.

“Having an event like this opens up a space of being able to learn new pronouns and practice pronouns in a safe space, without worry of some kind of retribution,” Allaway said.

Hudson, Blackmore and Allaway all said they enjoyed learning more about pronouns and hope that those who were there learned more as well. 

”I think it's important for everyone, no matter if they identify as nonbinary, trans, cisgender, to understand and respect other people's pronouns,” Hudson said.

The GLC will host a number of other events this semester, including the Fall Pride Fest Oct. 27 and Dragstravaganza Oct. 29.