Elon University Campus Safety and Police is set to conduct a test of the outdoor alarm system and the emergency alert systems at 9:45 a.m. Oct. 18. 

According to an email sent to students from Chief of Campus Safety and Police Joe LeMire, the alarm, which lasts about three minutes, will include an outdoor siren, E-Alert text and email, a message from the Rave Guardian Safety App and notifications on LED boards around campus. 

“What we’re just trying to do is make sure all systems are working,” LeMire told Elon News Network. “Everything is going through appropriately and there are no technology issues that we need to address.” 

The test happens once each semester and LeMire said students, staff and faculty should make sure their cell phone numbers are up to date in OnTrack so they can receive the alert messages.  

Directions for the E-Alert notification system can be found here.