Republican Chuck Marsh is running for ABSS Board of Education against four other candidates. 

Marsh is a local radio station owner and said at the ABSS Board of Education forum Oct 11 that it is important to work with other elected officials. 

According to an article from Alamance News, Marsh agrees with Superintendent Dain Butler’s decision to ban “Gender Queer: A Memior” from Western High School’s library because of sexually-explicit content. 

He said at the forum he wants members of the board to engage parents attending who make a public comment. 

“When they would have a public comment. I noticed that the school board members would just unplug,” Marsh said. “I want to be the voice for parents, give you your voice back and also be an advocate for the children and focus on the children, as opposed to all of the politics that have creeped into our classrooms.”

Marsh was not available for an interview.