Updated as of Aug. 23 at 8:44 a.m. to include video. 

It’s the first day of class at Elon University, and professors and administrators shared advice for new students. Buying supplies, finding the classroom and waking up on time- all things they said are important to consider.

Naeemah Clark, chair and professor in the Cinema and Television Arts Department, said picking the right seat helps professors remember students. 

“Don’t sit in the back,” Clark said. “Professors have this T-zone where there’s right in front of you and then the second row all the way straight back. Sit there. Don’t sit in the back. Don’t hide.”

Clark said the work isn’t done once class starts. 

“At the end of class, go up, introduce yourself. You know, if the material is confusing or they have questions, they can always come and ask for help. I never want my students to struggle in silence,” Clark said. 

University President Connie Book gave advice on move-in day for the first year as a whole. 

“Just to be easy on yourself,” Book said. “It takes a little while to adjust.”

Jeff Stein, vice president for strategic initiatives and assistant professor of English, said he wants new students and families to rely on the university for help. 

“It should be expected to have a tough time, and they should make sure they take some time for each other, or alone, and that they rely on us when they need us,” Stein said. 

Stein called this period a transition for freshmen.

“I think when you come to Elon and everyone is happy, sometimes it seems like this is easy, but it’s not,” Stein said. “It’s hard.”