Elon Town Manager Rich Roedner explained additional budget amendments to the town council, including reduced health insurance costs, a donation to subsidize cost for downtown plaza and updated cost for solid waste and recycling during the Elon Town Council meeting June 14. 

The town of Elon is switching from Republic Services to Green For Life Environmental for solid waste and recycling pick up. Because of this change,  there is an additional monthly cost for residents who have more than one recycling and garbage can. 

“If somebody wants an additional garbage container, it will be $11, which is the per month cost that we’re being charged,” Roedner said. “If they want a recycling bin, then it’s $7.”

The new business passed at the meeting approved the appointment of a new town attorney. After reviewing three different candidates, a committee of both town employees and council members recommended Robert Hagemann, who served as the city attorney of Charlotte for seven years, to the council. 

The council voted to approve Hagemann, and he will begin working with the town by the end of June. 

“He is very sharp when it comes to the various issues that municipalities deal with and has a long history here in North Carolina,” Roedner said “I think everybody felt very comfortable with what he was going to bring to the table for us.”

Mayor Emily Sharpe wrote two resolutions for the town of Elon to recognize Juneteenth as a holiday on June 19 and recognize June as Pride Month. Mayor Pro Tem Monti Allison presented these resolutions to the council, as Sharpe was not in attendance.

“Whereas the county will continue to advocate for protections for all LGBTQI individuals to make our town a place where all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, are treated with dignity and respect,” Allision said. “Now therefore, Emily Sharpe, mayor of town of Elon, do hereby proclaim June 2022 as LGBTQI Pride Month.”

This resolution passed unanimously, as did the Juneteenth resolution commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. 

“Town council do hereby proclaim June 19, 2022 is Juneteenth day and encourage citizens to recognize and commemorate June 19, which honors the history, legacy and culture of African Americans throughout the United States of America by participating in celebrations and festivities during the month of June,” Allison said. 

During Roedner’s town manager report, he announced the new fire chief, Landon Massey, will begin June 21, and Lori Oakley, the new planning director for the town, will begin June 27. The town council will meet again June 27 at 6 p.m.