During Elon University’s Student Government Association May 5 business meeting, the final business meeting of the semester, one senator was sworn into a new role, two students were appointed to the Senate, two to the Judiciary and four were appointed into the cabinet. 

Charlotte Mattimiro, current class of 2024 senator, was sworn in as the class of 2024 president. Andrew Hartle was appointed as clerk of judiciary and Kylie Faherty was appointed as associate justice. Heath Foster was appointed as a class of 2024 senator and Caroline Mitchell was appointed as a School of Communications senator.

On the cabinet, Ethan Blake was appointed as the diversity director, Jennifer Tran was appointed as the inclusion director, Grace Clift was appointed as the student engagement director and Jack Sheppard was appointed as the community outreach director.

SGA also approved a budget request for Catholic Campus Ministry’s fall beach retreat. The total cost is $8,258.86 and is budgeted for 65 students to participate and this was approved 24-0-1.