Elon University undergraduate commencement is May 20. Some members of the class of 2022 reflect on their campus leadership positions. 

Anika Waco
Headshot of Anika Waco.

"College is such a unique time where we’re all in a similar age, in this one place, all here for generally the same thing. And I have realized throughout my time here that is really the only instance where that’s going to ever happen. My advice is to just be super open minded to all of the opportunities that are really unique to that four years of college, all of the ways that you can get involved … I have such an appreciation for everyday life. I think, especially, I realized that from being sent home from COVID and realizing all I want is just to walk across campus, and go get coffee and do homework. And that was such a small, mundane thing that I realized I have been so grateful for. So just every single day and your everyday routine — there is so much to be thankful for."

Jack Corby
Headshot of Jack Corby.

"From my leadership roles on campus, I have really learned that the people you surround yourself with and decide to do work with is what makes everything meaningful. You can do great work, but if you do not enjoy the team and people you surround yourself with, it will not be as enjoyable." 

Alex Nemfakos
Headshot of Alex Nemfakos.

"Given that everyone on campus has a propensity to be like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do everything under the sun,’ I think sometimes it’s good to think before you take out because I think being able to work more specifically on a couple of things is maybe better than doing a little bit of everything, especially in college. That was more of high school because you had to get into college. Just learn what you’re discovering next."

Samantha Dominguez
Headshot of Samantha Dominguez.

"It’s going to sound kind of weird, but say yes. When anybody asks you to go do something, if you really don’t have a good reason to say no, say yes. Just do it. I mean, there’s just so many things that I got to do just on a whim — when my friends asked me to come with them to an event on campus, and I had one of the great nights of my life, had awesome memories. So, I feel like saying yes more than you say no and really just seizing any opportunity that’s offered to you, because not everybody gets the opportunity."