Former North Carolina governor Pat McCrory said he decided to run for the U.S. Senate when unemployment benefits increased. 

“I decided to run when we started paying people more not to work than to work,” McCrory said. “I thought it was a bad move by the federal government to get involved in unemployment and put our country further in debt and send a bad message that you don't have to work in order to earn money. And that was my tipping point.”

McCrory served as the 74th governor of North Carolina from 2013 to 2017, having previously served as the mayor of Charlotte for 14 years. In his tenure as governor, McCrory paid off an inherited $2.5 billion deficit in unemployment funds and lowered taxes and unemployment compensation.

Continuing with the trend of reducing unemployment, McCrory said he wants to lower the cost of college to allow students to not go into debt before getting a job. He said students should take courses that will prepare them for jobs needed in the workforce.

“It's ridiculous how much debt kids are going into college on right now,” McCrory said. “There needs to be more responsibility on our universities to not encourage kids to sign off on so much debt, which hinders them for the rest of their life.”

One of McCrory’s main concerns is what the future will look like for younger generations.

“We also are sending out positive message on trying to save the American dream for the next generation,” McCrory said. “I'm more concerned about your generation, your kids' generation, continuing debt, high inflation, poor energy plan to provide needed energy to you in the future and also public safety.”

The first thing McCrory would like to see implemented is a changed energy plan. He wants lower gas prices and energy independence for future generations. 

“We’ve got to be honest about the energy and the inflation that the Biden energy plan is causing our country right now,” McCrory said. 

McCrory said his experiences at the state level give him an advantage over his opponents in the race, but also when serving.

“None of my opponents have the record of accomplishment of public service and actual kept promises that I do,” McCrory said. “I think we need more people in D.C. who … actually have local and state experience so we understand the lines of responsibility between the federal government, state, local and also the private sector.” 

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