With a campaign slogan of “empowering the future,” one of the main goals of Lichia Sibhatu’s campaign for U.S. Senate is bettering schools. This includes increasing support for teachers, parents and students, as well as increasing funding for afterschool programs and counseling, according to her website.

Although Sibhatu has not been previously involved in governmental work,  she has been an active member of her local Republican party in North Carolina for the past 15 years. 

Sibhatu is a small business owner of a daycare, which led her to run a grassroots campaign. This means she has no affiliation with corporations, and her ideals lie with the people she hopes to serve. 

“With no ties to corporations and Washington lobbyists, you can rest assured that my best interest is with the American people,” Sibhatu wrote on her website.

Sibhatu also said immigrants are the backbone of the U.S. economy and values, and she wants to make the Republican party more inclusive, inviting immigrants to participate in elections and politics. 

Military and Veterans Affairs funding should be increased in order to improve treatment and expand counseling for veterans and their families, according to Sibhatu. 

In terms of the economy, Sibhatu believes the government should have little involvement in order to let it thrive. As a small business owner herself, she wants to decrease taxes and make it easier to start a business. 

For more information on Sibhatu’s campaign visit https://lichiaforsenate.com/