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Elon University Student Government Association elections are March 28 at 8a.m. through March 29 at 5p.m. with 44 seats available and will take place on Phoenix Connect. 

There are a total of 18 races — two of which are contested. All students are eligible to vote for executive races and for their class representatives, members of the finance board, Judicial races and academic senators. 

Candidates for class of 2025 Senator 
Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Bo Dalrymple

Name: Bo Dalrymple 

Major:  International Global Studies 

“To reach broader audiences to seek greater diversity within the body as a whole but also just within everything that we're doing and promoting and working towards in the community.” 

Kyra O'Connor | Elon News Network
Jack Sheppard, candidate for vice president of the class of 2025.

Name: Jack Sheppard

Major: Undecided 

"My goal for SGA is to have SGA be more prominent on campus where students at Elon know not only what SGA is but how it can help you or an organization that you might be a part of on campus."

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Alexis Cooper

Name: Alexis Cooper 

Major: Journalism 

"Promote inclusivity on campus also, bringing new ideas and concerns from the upcoming sophomore class.” 

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Charlotte McCormick

Name: Charlotte McCormick

Major: Political Science 

“One goal I have for SGA this term is to make sure the student body is aware of the influence they have on this campus and the voice that they have through our representation of them. I would just love to get SGA’s message out more and connect with the students further in that way to advance their own goals for Elon’s future.” 

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Claire Cohen

Name: Claire Cohen

Major: Cinema and Television Arts and Economics

“Help foster a more inclusive and creative environment for everyone by offering more opportunities for people to meet other people.” 

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Robin Falkow

Name: Robin Falkow 

Major: Strategic Communication and Political Science 

“To create a bigger presence for SGA on campus because we have a lot of really great resources that organizations and clubs don't use as much as they should.” 

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Jack Prahinski

Name: Jack Prahinski 

Major: Journalism and Sports Management 

“Being a unified collective and improving the Elon community for the better.” 

Class of 2025 Presidential Candidate

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Alexa Morrisey

Name: Alexa Morissey

Major: Strategic Communication 

"Expand DEI initiatives across campus.” 

Class of 2025 Treasurer Candidate

Clare Rudolph

Name: Clare Rudolph

Major: Political Science and Policy Studies 

“To be able to recognize and solve issues within our community before they affect the student body at large.” 

Class of 2024 Senator Candidates

Name: Demetria Hall 

Major: Elementary Education 

“To continue to be a strong and active voice for the class of 2024, while working to collaborate effectively with other senate members and the Class of 2024, continuing to create a strong community on campus.” 

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Ethan Demott

Name: Ethan Demott 

Major: Political Science  

“Bring Elon back to what it was pre-COVID.” 

Class of 2024 Treasurer Candidate

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Ryan Lockwood

Name: Ryan Lockwood

Major: Marketing and Political Science 

“To make smart decisions for the betterment of Elon's student body.” 

Class of 2023 Senator Candidates

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Trevor Molin

Name: Trevor Molin 

Major: Political Science and Policy Studies 

"To help support and uplift the ideas of my peers within the Senate to make their hopes for Elon a reality.” 

Grace Clift

Name: Grace Clift 

Major: Psychology and Sociology 

"Support the student body and help enact positive change for all students."

Class of 2023 Presidential Candidate

Lily Kays

Name: Lily Kays

Major: Political Science 

“To work towards strengthening our engagement and service work as senators and becoming more accessible to the full Elon community.” 

Finance Board Candidates

Name: Jamison Skelley 

Major: Marketing 

"To make sure everyone is fairly represented and given the proper resources."

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Danny Nickel

Name: Danny Nickel

Major: Political Science and Policy Studies

“Just making sure that all the on-campus orgs have the funding and resources that they need to succeed.” 

Chief Justice Candidate

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Cole Meixsell

Name: Cole Meixsell 

Major: Economics and Political Science

“To develop a strong judiciary that brings change for everyone.” 

Associate Justice Candidate

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Andrew Hartle

Name: Andrew Hartle

Major: Journalism 

“Doing whatever I can to help out.” 

College of Arts and Sciences Senator Candidate

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Curran Gilster

Name: Curran Gilster

Major: Political Science

“Encourage open social and political dialogue.” 

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Rush Lacoste

Name: Rush Lacoste 

Major: Mechanical Engineering

“To have a better connection to the new engineering major on campus. Especially with all the new progress being made I want to make sure that engineering and that new whole entire side of campus has a strong connection to the student body.” 

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Boyd Burruss

Name: Boyd Burruss 

Major: Political Science and Policy Studies 

“To further improve equity, diversity and inclusion.”

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Chase Albritton

Name: Chase Albritton 

Major: Computer Science 

“Openly, have equal opportunity for all majors, whether it's internships or jobs across the board, or even just events on campus” 

Love School of Business Senator

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Alexander Siler

Name: Alexander Siler 

Major: Business 

“Improve student health.” 

Name: Gwen Hollingsworth

Major: International Business and Business Analytics

School of Communications Senator

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Bryson Byrnes

Name: Bryson Byrnes 

Major: Cinema and Television Arts 

“Get enough resources so that all the comm school clubs and programs can have adequate funding to really reach that next level to be the best comm school nationwide pretty much.” 

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Britt Mobley

Name: Britt Mobley

Major: Strategic Communications and Media Analytics 

“To really help reform the structure of PR and advertising for student government. That's been my goal since I first got here. Really now this new model allows us to really expand that. We have someone who's dedicated to PR, who's dedicated to speaking on behalf of SGA — website, Instagram, Twitter, that's what I'm looking forward to. Then also helping with School of Comm programs, ENN and ESTV.” 

Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education Senator Candidates 

Hannah Hanson

Name: Hannah Hanson 

Major: Secondary English Education 

"My goal for SGA is to advocate for the needs of the students in the school of Education, as well as bringing together the rest of the Elon community."

Vice President of Communication Candidate 

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
William Wood

Name: William Wood 

Major: Strategic Communications and Policy Studies 

"Further bridge the information gap between the student body and administrators.”

Student Body Presidential Candidates

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Nadine Jose

Name: Nadine Jose

Major: Cinema and Television Arts and Anthropology 

“To regain the trust of the student body and have them understand that we are here for them, and we only exist because of them.” 

Benjamin Muse | Elon News Network
Chase Solomon

Name: Chase Solomon 

Major: Biology

“I want to strengthen the Senate culture.” 

Avery Sloan | Elon News Network
Andrew Lymm

Name: Andrew Lymm 

Major: International Relations  

“Elon is a place I have come to love, but often many issues get overlooked. I will bridge those gaps and help Elon grow into the best it can be for every type of student. Just because something hasn’t changed, doesn’t mean it can’t.”