National retail corporation Target was voted “Best Shopping Spot” by the Elon community. With its large range of products and stocked shelves, Target is a staple for many Elon students in need of a shopping trip.

Sophomore Tori Kelleher said she shops at Target because of its proximity to campus and the affordable items. 

“It has everything you need from food to clothes,” Kelleher said. 

Located 10 minutes away from Elon’s campus, Target can be considered a convenient location for many in Burlington. From groceries to dorm necessities, the store provides a wide range of products and services.

Target has a CVS Pharmacy inside, where students can also pick up prescriptions close to campus, as well as get any vaccinations they deem necessary. The store also has a partnership with Starbucks, drawing in customers who want a beverage while shopping or on their way out. 

Sophomore Nora Deeney said she’s a frequent Target customer because they have almost everything she wants, even if she doesn’t know what she’s looking for. 

“Whether I need something for a class project, or a gift for a friend, I always know there will be so many options at Target,” Deeney said. “It's a great place to go if you aren’t sure exactly what you need, because there is always something accessible.”

With Target being a national corporation, many students are familiar with it from their hometown, making it a “trusted and reliable store for students,” at least for Kelleher. 

“College students are always looking for cheaper, good quality places to shop, and Target checks all of those boxes,” Kelleher said.