Red Bowl Asian Bistro is just a seven minute drive from Elon’s campus and is a convenient place for the surrounding Elon community to enjoy Asian cuisine. 

The traditional Asian restaurant was voted “Best Asian Food” and features a family-friendly atmosphere with many seating options, from booths to a bar, according to its website. 

Sophomore Becca Chase said it’s a great environment to come together with friends. 

“If you're going for a birthday, I'd go to Red Bowl if I'm trying to invite a bunch of friends,” Chase said.

Red Bowl employee Ody Ferranco said the business has been around for 15 years and in that time, Elon students remain the primary source of customers. 

“The portions here are basically made for students because when you eat here, for $10 you get a full, fresh real meal,” Ferranco said. “I think that's the number one reason why students always come here and they love Red Bowl.”

Ferranco said some student favorites include the lo mein, sesame chicken and sushi combos. 

“If you compare to other restaurants, the combos we have and the sushi, it's very, very affordable,” Ferranco said. “Here, you pay below $20 and you already have a full meal.”

Chase said the affordable, quality food of Red Bowl is what makes it appealing.

The proximity to Elon’s campus has benefited the business, according to Ferranco. 

“We have had a lot of Elon students work here, and I think they tell their friends about it and then they’ll come and eat here, too,” Ferranco said.