While Elon University provides the opportunity for students to study abroad, there is also the chance to study in other parts of the United States, including Los Angeles. Elon in LA was voted “Best Study USA” by the Elon community. 

Senior Connor Thomas said the opportunity to study in LA was one of the reasons he came to Elon in the first place, which he did in summer 2021. 

“If I hadn't been to the Elon in LA program, I wouldn't have known my career trajectory to live in LA and pursue my dream as a film director,” Thomas said. “I didn't really think that it would ever happen. I didn't really think I'd be able to get out there without the opportunity that Elon gave me to do this program to get out to LA. As a filmmaker and a creator, I was able to fully see my dream come to fruition.” 

Thomas said during his time in LA, he was able to focus on his internship and take classes over the weekend. The program offers classes in performing arts, music theatre, music, acting, communications, and dance. Any major can go on the trip. 

Senior music theatre major Jaelyn Alexander also studied in LA this summer. Alexander said studying in LA was crucial in planning her post-college plans.

“It was so refreshing,” Alexander said. “It honestly made coming back to Elon a little hard, but it gives you a very good sense of what life would be like.” 

For students interested in studying in LA, applications for the summer program will close in mid-March 2022.