With a new semester quickly approaching, students will soon be reoccupying their favorite study spots on campus. Global Commons, a popular space for many students, was voted “Best Study Spot” by the Elon community. For freshman Claire Kenealy, this spot is a great quiet space to spread out her work and isolate herself from others in order to stay productive. 

Kenealy said she loves the ambiance of Global Commons and goes there almost every time she studies outside of her room, even though it’s further from her dorm in the Historic Neighborhood than some other study spots.

“I prefer Global Commons because of the fancy atmosphere that puts me in a good mindset to focus and get work done,” Kenealy said. “I love how comfortable all of the seating is, and the music makes for a very nice vibe.”

Global Commons also offers students a quiet space to study away from groups collaborating on projects or friends chatting over homework. Freshman Jayla Martin-Beasley said she enjoys meeting her friends there to work in the professional environment.

“It can be hard to find isolated spaces on campus,” Martin-Beasley said. “Even in the library, you’re sitting at a table, but then there will be someone close by, and sometimes you just like to have some time to yourself.”

Steepd Tea Bar, the retail location in Global Commons, also attracts students to study in the building, according to Martin-Beasley.

“It was a good workspace. And I would get some food from Steepd,” Martin-Beasley said. “I didn’t think I would like Steepd at first because some of the food sounded bizarre, but I really liked it.”

Between the focusing environment and snacks to fuel the study session, Global Commons is a favorite study spot for many students.