There are a number of fountains across Elon University’s campus, but the Wallace L. Chandler fountain was voted  “Best Fountain” by the campus community.

The fountain is named after Wallace L. Chandler ‘49, an Elon life trustee and board of trustees member. Chandler was an adviser for three past Elon presidents, including J. Earl Danieley, J. Fred Young and Leo M. Lambert. Chandler died on Aug. 25 at the age of 94. 

Construction on the fountain was completed in August of 2006 and is made up of three levels. There are multiple jets of water that originate from both the top level and main pool. 

These jets have different spray patterns that are controlled by a computer and junior Jake Sachs said it is one of the components that draws his attention to the fountain.

“I like that it’s powerful and that the jets are going a lot,” Sachs said. “It's just kind of a landmark on's a big site.” 

The fountain is surrounded by a brick-laid plaza, which has a Numen Lumen theme. A waterfall is located on the west side of the fountain. 

Freshman Francesca “Fancy” Mitchell first saw the fountain on her first visit to Elon University after being accepted to Elon. 

“The first thing I saw on that drive to that campus was that big fountain at Clohan and so I was like, ‘oh my gosh, this is so beautiful,'” Mitchell said. “That waterfall, besides it being so big and so beautiful in how it carries memories.”

The fountain is located in front of the Clohan Dining Hall and the Ernest A. Koury Business Center near the Colonnades neighborhood.