Emily Stevens, a Burlington resident, started working at Burlington Beer Works as a part-time bartender in 2019 when it opened. The atmosphere and coworkers is what made her fall in love with the restaurant, and soon, she worked her way up to the Front of House Manager. The popular brunch spot has been voted “Best Brunch” by the campus community. 

“I have really enjoyed working here. I love the regulars that come in. Knowing their orders, stories and names is really cool,” Stevens said.

Burlington Beer Works’ motto is “Together we are Growing, Brewing, and Serving.” The motto is embodied through their connection to the community. Their support includes partnering with local farms, such as T5, Smith and Your Local Greens, in bringing their business directly to the Elon and Burlington community.

Stevens said the restaurant also supports employees by giving them specific responsibilities and freedoms. She said one of the things she loves most about her job is being able to create new drinks. 

“Being given the artistic freedom to create new drinks is super fun and has been great. It is one of the reasons I stayed with the restaurant. I just love it here,” Stevens said.

Luke Johnson | Elon News Network

The front of Burlington Beer Works decorated for the holidays on Dec. 8 in Burlington, NC. 

Stevens said the restaurant’s menu changes frequently to have the freshest ingredients from their sources. Having different food and drink options is another reason she thinks the Burlington community loves Burlington Beer Works. 

Beyond just the Burlington community, families of Elon students love visiting the restaurant while in town, according to freshman Kelsi Sheren, who said she took her family to the restaurant during Family Weekend 2021.

“The food was amazing, along with the staff. My parents loved getting to know Burlington through going here, would definitely recommend it for anyone. We all loved it,” Sheren said. “My parents now ask to go back there every time they visit.”

Stevens said that Elon students have been great supporters of the restaurant and she loves seeing the students enjoying the food, company and space.