On-campus jobs give students the opportunity to not only gain skills, but real world experiences. Nancy Carpenter, assistant director of career services for student employment said as part of the Student Professional Development Center, she hopes to help students make connections. 

During the Aug. 25 Federal Work-Study Information Session, Carpenter said she believes this fall is a good time for students to begin looking for jobs, but said it’s up to them to decide if they are ready to start working. 

“There are more jobs than there have been posted in the last four years,” Carpenter said. “There's more postings and there are more openings, so this is a great year to be looking for a job.”

Student Employment Fair

When: Aug. 26
Time: 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Where: McKinnon Hall, Moseley Center

Carpenter said there are about 150 job opportunities for students on-campus right now. 

Federal work-study awards are given each year to eligible students based on the determined need on the FAFSA in addition to the level of federal and institutional funding available. Students awarded FWS status are not guaranteed a job, and earnings are not paid in advance. 

During a semester, students will work no more than 20 hours per week and no more than 40 during breaks. Students are paid every two weeks. 

Tips and tricks 

Carpenter recommends students do not use a template in creating their resumes and said the one page document should focus on consistency and readability.

“Employers want to know you have looked at the job description,” Carpenter said. 

When creating a resume, Carpenter urges students to evaluate the specific job they are applying for to ensure the skills they include are directly related to that position.

“Quantify and qualify what you've done, show the value that you brought,” Carpenter said.  

The cover letter is a student’s “sales pitch,” according to Carpenter. This document should be limited to a page. The content should vary depending on the position and the company. 

Looking ahead

Job postings can be found on the Elon Job Network. The student employment fair will provide students the chance to connect with on-campus departments and community partners with job openings. Carpenter recommends bringing multiple copies of resumes to the fair. 

“On campus employment, it’s not only just about the work,” Carpenter said. “It's about becoming a part of the department. A lot of people will say we create student jobs. These are real part time jobs with real tasks and responsibilities. We're hiring students to do that work and you're part of the department and part of the staff.”