A town of Elon Police Officer will face a misdemeanor charge filed by the Guilford County district attorney in the accidental shooting death of his son. 

The Guilford County Sheriff's office said Officer Orlando Maynard’s 3-year-old son was shot at his home in Whitsett last month. Maynard was not home at the time of the incident and was served that same day, with the criminal summons at the Elon Police Department. 

Chief of town of Elon Police Kelly Blackwelder issued a statement that the charges from June 25 were the result of failing to store a firearm to protect a minor. 

“Orlando is still our officer and we continue to support him and his family as they grieve the loss of their son,” Blackwelder wrote in the statement. 

Maynard will remain on paid administrative leave pending the conclusion of the department’s administrative internal investigation. Any further violations of departmental policies found in the internal investigation will be met with appropriate disciplinary actions.