Sophomore Nathan Moskowitz realized that Elon’s campus was sorely lacking a cookie business after his friend drove to Raleigh just for a sweet-treat. 

“I watched a friend one night travel 45 minutes to Insomnia Cookies and 45 minutes back,” Moskowitz said. “We don’t really have good cookies around here.” 

Moskowitz is the owner and founder of the small baking operation, Nate’s Cookies, which he runs out of his apartment.

“I always was obsessed with food,” Moskowitz said. “I basically studied it religiously. All my friends around me kind of know me as a food encyclopedia.”

Video by Jack Norcross

Moskowitz said he has always been passionate about cooking and inspiring joy in others. 

“Working in the kitchen and sending out a dish and seeing someone respond to something you created … there’s almost nothing better,” said Moskowitz.

Though Moskowitz started his cookie bakery only three weeks ago, he already has a four-week waiting list for cookies.

“I didn’t think that this was going to be big,” Moskowitz said. “I thought that it was just going to be like close friends.” 

Now, Moskowitz has launched a brand-new website for Nate’s Cookies, and orders will now be placed online. 

Currently, Moskowitz is selling a one kind of cookie called “The Dark Horse,” a recipe he created himself. The treat is a dark chocolate cookie with toffee, dark chocolate chunks, brown butter and espresso. Moskowitz said he did a lot of research to find the perfect flavor combination for this cookie.

Junior Anna Thompson was one of Moskowitz’s first customers and got to try the Dark Horse cookie. 

“Nathan’s cookies are the perfect combination between salty and sweet,” Thompson said. “It tastes like something you would buy in a real bakery.” 

Junior Jacob Hyle also got to try some cookies and described them as “uncomprehendingly good.” Nate’s Cookies have been in high demand since their launch. 

“I want another one so bad,” Hyle said. “They are sold out every other week.”

Despite the growth of the business, Moskowitz said he wants to keep Nate’s Cookies exclusive. 

“I make 36 cookies every week and when they’re sold, they’re sold,” Moskowitz said. 

Jack Norcross | Elon News Network
Sophomore Nathan Moskowitz takes out a tray of freshly baked cookies.

He is still working on new ideas for the future such as new cookie recipes and a Nate’s Cookies clothing merchandise line.

Moskowitz started the business on his own but quickly realized he might need some help in maintaining it. He assembled a team of his friends and roommates to keep Nate’s Cookies fully operational. Moskowitz has friends helping him with finances, videography and public relations. 

Moskowitz’s sister, Ellie Moskowitz, is a senior at Elon and has been supporting Nathan throughout his business journey. Ellie said Nathan has always had a passion for cooking. 

“If you can’t find Nathan, he’s probably in the kitchen somewhere or sitting reading a cookbook or writing a recipe,” Ellie said. “Anything that has to do with cooking brings this kid the most joy.”

Nathan made his first batch of cookies over Winter Break for Ellie and their family to try. 

As of now, Nate’s Cookies is functioning fully on Instagram under the account @nates_cookies. Moskowitz is grateful to everyone who has supported Nate’s Cookies; he refers to them as his “cookie connoisseurs.” To order a cookie, visit the official Nate’s Cookies website.