The Kernodle Center for Civic Life is hosting a virtual panel that will include three people who have faced or currently facing homelessness. This year, the event is taking place on Zoom

The Faces of Homelessnes panel is assembled by the National Coalition for the Homeless and sponsored by the Elon chapter of Campus Kitchen. 

According to coordinator of the panel and  Assistant Director of the Kernodle Center for Civic Life, Sarah Williams, the purpose of the panel is to provide Elon students with tangible human stories from people that face homelessness. 

“I think this panel allows you to kind of have that deeper understanding and that human connection to issues that sometimes is lost in a textbook or in a statistic,”Williams said. 

This is one of many events that are taking place this week as part of service week. Two more dialogues that are hosted by the Kernodle Center are set to take place virtually. One on Free Speech & Hate Speech and the other on how to productively disagree.

In years prior, the event took place in McKinnon Hall. According to Williams, the turnout to the event was over 200 people, crowded with members of the Elon community that were eager to hear stories from panelists. 

Williams said attendees shouldn't expect too much of a change other than it being through a computer screen. 

“I'm hoping we can have an even larger turnout, but in theory, the actual event, like I said, is pretty similar.” Williams said.