The Board of Aldermen passed the Elon University major development plan at the regular session on Oct. 13. Board members also passed a water-sewer connection and sewer only connection policies as well as amendments to the town of Elon code of ordinances and the holiday display policy.

The major development plan includes a new parking lot on a portion of the old Elon Elementary School lot, which the university hopes to complete by the end of the year, as well as the new engineering and physics building, planned to be completed by fall 2022 as a part of the university’s 2030 strategic plan

Brad Moore, university architect and director of planning, said “as long as things straighten out with COVID,” the university will begin construction on the new building on March 1, 2021. The 65,062 square foot building will be located between the McMichael building and Sankey Hall. 

Elon’s land development ordinance classifies major site plans, “which include proposals involving any non-residential development,” as major development plans, according to the LDO. Because the plans for the parking lot and new building are major development plans, they are subject to final decision by the board. 

Aerial view of Elon University's major development plan construction areas approved by the Board of Aldermen.

Six amendments to the town of Elon code of ordinances were also approved. The ordinances included nuisances fees, offenses cross reference, food push carts, leaves and grass clippings, tobacco use and towing. Pam DeSoto, assistant town manager and planning director, said the ordinances are often amended together.

Policies concerning water and sewer connections as well as sewer connections only were approved by the board. The policy adds language dictating that a shut-off valve for sewage would be installed at the homeowner’s expense in addition to any outstanding debt on the account, rather than being paid for by the town. The estimated cost of such an installation could be approximately $400-600, according to Assistant Public Works Director David Murphy.

Town Engineer Representative Josh Johnson said residents will “go through a process with proper notification” before a sewer system is shut off and the valve would be installed following the notifications. At that point, Alamance County can address the environmental health concerns present.

In the future, all sewer only residences will need to be approved by the board, and will require six months deposit.  

Town Manager Richard Roedner presented the holiday display policy, which gives guidelines on holiday displays on W. College Avenue and at Beth Schmidt Park. The policy designates specific times and public places in the town of Elon that can be used to showcase symbols from different holidays.

The board passed the policy, but will continue to discuss language surrounding possible alternative locations for the displays as well as the time frame indicated in the policy. The time frame is currently Thanksgiving to Jan. 10, however board members asked to think of timing for other religious holidays, such as Easter.