Despite the campus wide power outage at Elon University’s coronavirus testing is still up and running in Alumni Gym. 

According to Brett Simon, assistant director of campus recreation and wellness for sport programs, COVID-19 testing will continue as planned for the remainder of the day, despite Alumni Gym currently being without power. Simon is working as a greeter for COVID testing. 

"We are still doing it as we have been," Simon said. "The internet is a little slower, so it is taking a little longer."

While the internet is slower, Simon said testing has hotspots to accommodate.

Freshmen Georgia Ritter and Maeve Newsome said they both had trouble accessing their COVID testing confirmation emails. By the time they had reached the front of the line, they were able to access the emails. 

Both Ritter and Newsome said they were "kind of" surprised that COVID testing was still occurring. 

According to Simon, Elon Outdoors provided small lamps to provide lighting, and students are using their phones, as well. 

Owen Covington, university spokesman, said students should be able to complete the testing process today. The outage comes after the university planned to test 5,000 students this week.   

"The university will communicate with impacted students if testing operations are interrupted," Covington said.