Elon students aren’t the only ones getting suspended for violating coronavirus restrictions. Elon Dining employee Amanda Parrish was suspended last weekend for taking off her mask during her shift. 

Parrish, who returned to work Thursday night, said she was feeling dehydrated and wanted fresh air, so she took her mask off inside but didn’t put it back on in a timely manner. A student got this on film and by the next morning, Parrish was written up and suspended. When Parrish was informed of her suspension, she was scared. 

“I had a panic attack, dropped [to] the floor, started crying because that, job with [students]is my life like that makes the biggest difference for me,” she said.

Elon Dining did not respond to Elon News Network’s immediate request for comment.  

But Parrish thought the punishment was fair. She said she learned her lesson.

“They were really fair about speaking to me and saying ‘Look, we don't know what's going to happen, but we're going to do things,’” Parrish said. “It made me a whole lot more comfortable even though I was afraid of losing my job., I really loved being around [students], and I'm glad they're giving me another opportunity. I'm going to take it so much more seriously.” 

Parrish doesn’t know if she was paid during her suspension. She is currently talking to her doctor to seek documentation to have permission to take off her mask, in a safe way, when needed.