Each building in the Historic and East Neighborhoods welcomed approximately four families every half hour this morning. Move-in for the class of 2024 is off to a slow start because of restrictions from the coronavirus, but residents and staff are excited.

“Move-in day is my favorite day of the year and so it's a little weird that it's not as busy as it usually is, but I think it's still the energy is palpable, even with lower traffic,” Emily Krechel, director of new student programs, said. 

Krechel’s department plans New Student Orientation and move-in and coordinates with other offices and student leaders to make it all happen. 

Elon Physical Plant Road Coordinator Sal Catapano’s job this morning was to keep carts and families flowing to the correct location.

Video by Baylor Rodman

“Last year, we handled about 300 cars in four hours in the morning,” Catapano said. “We did a lot quicker, there was a constant flow of automobiles coming up through here and getting unloaded this year, but due to COVID-19 we are handling four cars in the Smith and Carolina area every half hour.”

Krechel said Schar Center’s health check-in had “really kind of gotten their process down” early in the week so move-in events would go smoothly. 

Elon freshman Katie Benner moved into Sloan Hall this morning and has few concerns about her first semester at Elon.

“We all felt very informed about the whole thing and I think that honestly, as long as people are careful with masks and are conscious of everybody else's decisions and what everyone wants to do, that I think will be fine,” Benner said.

Student athletes have also moved on campus over the past few days and although fall sports are suspended, they are still excited to resume their workouts and training sessions.

“It just gives us more time to work and be ready for the season if there is one in the spring,” Elon freshman and soccer player McKenna Dalfonso said. “Until then I’m just going to get a really good education, have fun and meet a lot of new people.”

Baylor Rodman contributed to the reporting of this story.