The Alamance County Commissioner Democratic candidates Kristen Powers, Bob Byrd and Dreama Caldwell along with Republican candidates Bill Lashley, John Paisley Jr. and Pamela Thompson won the primary election and will be on the ticket this general election in November. 

For Democrats, Kristen Powers received 27.08% of the vote, followed by Bob Byrd with 25.72% and Dreama Caldwell with 18.15% of the vote.

On the Republican side Bill Lashley received 21.12% of the vote, followed by John Paisley Jr. with 19.46% and Pamela Thompson with 16.8% of votes.

Out of the 12 candidates — five Democrats and seven Republicans — only three from each party move on to the general election to battle for the three open seats on the Alamance County Commissioners Board.