The Communications Living Learning Community at Elon University is a place where people interested in the many fields of communications can come together to establish personal and professional relationships with each other.


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The community of 23 students actively seeks out roles in various fields of the media communications industry. Residents have obtained positions in media organizations on campus, such as Elon News Network and the yearbook committee, among others.

This LLC, located on the first floor of Historic Neighborhood’s Sloan Hall, is open to all undergraduate students, from freshmen to seniors, but is mainly geared toward freshmen with an interest in communications.

Mackenzie Wilkes, reporter and politics director for Elon News Network and resident assistant for the LLC, actively works with community advisors Jessalynn Strauss and Michele Lashley to improve the life of community residents. Some of the activities organized for the LLC include professional events, such as a tour of the Elon News Network newsroom and dinner with Dean of the School of Communications Rochelle Ford, as well as recreational events involving group bonding.

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Sloan Hall was picked to host the Communications LLC because of its proximity to the School of Communications.

“There is this community of people who have a common interest and are close to each other,” Wilkes said. “It’s literally about a community and a cohort that lives together. The LLC brings together students who are passionate about communications and have common interests that can work and live well together.”

According to current resident Sarah Rusthoven, the Communications LLC is a great opportunity for incoming freshmen because it is “good to be surrounded by people in the same field.” Rusthoven said she is glad she joined the LLC, as it assured her that she chose the right major.