An Elon student was cited for assaulting an officer at the student's Oak Hill apartment, according to a Town of Elon police report. 

20-year-old Elon student Thomas "T.J." Beebe was cited in the incident.  

According to the report, officer Patrick Phillips was dispatched to the Oak Hill apartment complex following a report of a suspected home invasion. A man called Elon Town Police saying there was someone destroying items inside in his apartment. 

In the report, Officer Phillips describes entering the Oak Hill apartment and seeing blood on the floor and walls. Phillips says in the report, he gave several commands to Beebe to stop and kneel on the ground, not knowing if he was the suspect or a victim. 

Beebe lunged at the officer and pushed him out of the apartment, according to police. Phillips and Beebe then got into a fight outside of the apartment, according to the report. 

Officer Phillips also says in the report that due to Beebe's "abnormal strength" during the altercation, it was his "direct opinion that he consumed some type of narcotic." 

It was later discovered that the apartment that had been damaged was Beebe's own residence. 

Beebe was taken to the emergency room at Alamance Regional Hospital for injures to his hands and was later released. 

According to the report, Phillips issued Beebe a uniform citation for assault on a law enforcement officer upon Beebe's release from the hospital. 

Elon News Network has contacted Beebe for comment but has not received a response. Elon University Communications said it has no knowledge of the incident.