UPDATE 10:05 p.m.

According to 28 reporting precincts, the two education referendums have been passed in favor. The referendum regarding tax increase has been rejected.

Alamance County School Bonds passes in favor at 69 percent with a 31 percent of votes against.

Alamance County Community College Bonds passes in voter favor at 65.7 percent. Votes against come in at 34.3 percent.

Alamance County Local Sales and Use tax is rejected with 54 percent of votes against. This is a victory over the 45.6 percent of votes in favor. 

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On this year’s midterm ballot there are a three ballot initiatives initiatives to support investments in education in Alamance County. This is not standard for midterm elections. 

  • Alamance-Burlington School System Bond (ABSS Bond) 

If the $150 million bond is passed, it will pay for a $70 million high school and $80 million in renovations for the current six high schools and two elementary schools. 

Two high schools in the county, Southern Alamance High School and Eastern Alamance High School, are severely overcrowded. The new high school that would be built under the bond initiative would take students from both high schools to alleviate this problem. 

  • Alamance Community College Bond (ACC Bond) 

Currently 15,000 students use the ACC Bond. If the bond passes it will bring $39.6 million in funding for “21st century facilities” in Alamance Community College. These facilities include a Student Services Learning and Development center and a Biotechnology Center of Excellence. Additionally, the funding will be used for adding classrooms, modernizing classrooms and upgrading child care. 

  • Proposed Sales Tax Referendum

If the ABSS Bond and ACC Bond pass, it will be $190 million in bonds. The proposed sales tax is a seven to eight cents per $100 valuation on property tax. 

The current sales tax is 6.75 percent. This bond would raise Alamance County's sales tax to seven percent. This means that buying a $10 item would then cost two and a half cents more. 

Food and gas are excluded from the proposed tax. It would mostly affect leisure items. It is estimated that 60 percent of the funds for these bonds will come outside the county by those that come into the county to shop.