The Global Neighborhood’s three largest buildings will no longer go by their original letters.

The board of trustees decided to rename Global Buildings B, C and D to commemorate former Elon University professors Russell B. Gill, G. Smith Jackson and Nan P. Perkins, respectively. The dedication is to honor these professors who have dedicated themselves to the university’s advancement for decades. 

Though classrooms have been dedicated to faculty members in the past, Book’s decision to dedicate entire buildings to distinguished professors is a break from tradition for the university. 

Book announced the renaming in her address to faculty and staff on Aug. 20, but the recent change has taken some of the neighborhood’s residents by surprise.

Sophomore Laura Welch, a current Perkins building resident assistant, said buildings B, C and D may have been selected because they have four floors, whereas A and E only have three. 

“I knew this was happening in a few weeks and [Global residents] were aware of it too, but a lot of them came up to me saying it changed and I didn’t even notice until they pointed it out,” Welch said.

According to MarQuita Barker, director of Residence Life, there are no plans to rename buildings A and E at this time.

Gill Building resident sophomore Alex Mock-Rossi didn’t know his building’s name was about to change. He was surprised to learn that Russell B. Gill was a former Elon professor. 

“If I donated $10 million, I’d want my name on something big, so they kind of have to do that, but I mean naming it after professors has more meaning and character than just letters,” Mock-Rossi said.

Welch was aware the buildings would be renamed, but said the change in names may confuse the younger residents. But she believes the dedications are “an addition, not a subtraction.” 

Mock-Rossi agrees that his building’s new name is a positive change.  

“And it’s shorter, I never thought about that, I kinda like it. Gill. I live in Gill. Versus I live in Global B,” Mock-Rossi said. “That sounds way better.” 

The official naming ceremony happened on Oct. 9 in the Global quad. 

Barker believes it was important to honor significant members of Elon’s past.

“I think it’s important because these are people who have been very important to Elon’s history,” Barker said. “I think it’s important for students to come and see, acknowledge, and celebrate them.”