While the community may be familiar with Elon University’s student-run radio station WSOE, few know their call sign actually stands for "Wonderful Sounds of Elon." This year, the station is celebrating 40 years of broadcasting across Elon-Burlington Community. The station has heard from many WSOE alumni as they celebrate four decades. 

 “It’s really amazing how much the station has evolved from our different locations, our frequencies, our website," said Katherine Wolter, general manager of WSOE.

Although WSOE has moved locations and changed equipment, their sense of community has always stayed the same. WSOE has always been known as a place for people of all different backgrounds to come together on air. 

“Everyone is able to come together over their connection of loving music and talking on air and kind of being able to share what that means to them,” said Zaria Zinn, social media and promotions director for the station.

Because anyone can have their own show on WSOE they have a wide array of segments. These are what makes the station so unique. 

“Some shows have a lot of talking with no music,"  said Zinn, "And some shows have no talking and a ton of music."

In addition to the variety of programming, the station prides itself with the opportunities it offers including leadership positions, creativity outlets, an the chance to be yourself. 

WSOE is on-air 24/7 and can be found on the radio at 89.3 FM and on WSOEElon.com.