Campus Technology has unveiled Philo, a new television service for on-campus residents. In an email sent out to all on-campus residents, Campus Technology said the new service would cancel out any cable services offered directly to residence halls beginning at the end of February. 

Assistant Director for Teaching and Learning Technologies Brent Smith says the new service was necessary for some parts of campus, including some Danieley apartments, which have only one cable drop in the first bedroom. 

Philo will give on-campus residents the opportunity to stream, pause and record all of their favorite shows from their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Smith said that they made the decision because they felt like "this is the way that students are watching television," as online content becomes more popular.

Campus Technology has already tested this service in Sloan Residence Hall beginning after its renovation this year. To save money from re-doing cable lines, Philo was put into Sloan on move-in day. 

Sloan resident and Elon freshman Gabriella Lynch said that she thinks "it's great to get the live TV here to see what's going on in the world."

But while students are excited for a new television service, there are still a lot of questions about what they can expect.

"We're all stuck on our laptops anyways and I'm just thinking that enhancing our abilities to be on our laptops and watch TV that might change the communal thing that TV used to be," said sophomore Maya Aboutanos.

Other students have expressed concerns about being unable to watch TV if they don't make the switch. Sophomore Annie Michaelson said she also has some reservations about the new system, calling it "complicated."

Smith says that technology services would be saving money by not paying for both Philo and cable, as renovation plans for other residence halls in Historic Neighborhood would require re-doing cable lines to the buildings. 

Smith also wants feedback from students after they try the new service. To contact Campus Technology about your Philo services, call 336-278-5200.