Upperclassmen will be moving into the Park Place at Elon University, the new apartments under construction next to Skid’s Restaurant on Haggard Avenue, in August. The complex will be four stories tall, and will feature ground floor retail space, outdoor restaurant dining areas on the sidewalk and 45 apartments.

Though Park Place has been under construction since May 7, 2015, there is still much progress needed before students move in.

The facility is being developed by EDG Properties LLC, which is co-owned by Mark and John McDonald. At the proposal of this complex being built in October 2014, John McDonald suggested a pharmacy and grocery store be placed on the ground floor, but as of now much has yet to be decided regarding retail businesses. 

Elon architect and Director of Planning Design and Construction Management Brad Moore said he is still unaware of which retail businesses will be set up on the ground floor of Park Place.

“I don’t have the information on this,” Moore said. “I have not heard anything final on who [the local developer] has leased the space to.”

Junior Taylor Hoerr is currently studying abroad in Singapore, but is excited to return to Elon’s campus in a brand new and centrally located residential area. 

Junior Molly Sweeney is also going to live in Park Place, but isn’t expecting the living situation to be much different from her other on-campus housing experiences.

“I think it will look and function like a newer, more modern facility, but I previously lived in two different Danieley flats and currently live in the Oaks, which are very nice facilities,” Sweeney said. “The experience will be similar, but potentially slightly better just because it is brand new.”

The complex is still closed off to the public by construction tape, but is expected to be completed by early summer.