When we first reported on the flash tattoo trend last July, we had no idea we’d still be talking about them almost a year later.

But here we are. The metallic tattoos are everywhere—at music fests, school dances, the beach—and now Rihanna herself is designing a line of flash tats with jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche.

The line, which comes with seven sheets of tattoos, includes chokers, knuckle tattoos, cuticle tattoos, and a DIY nameplate—the perfect mix between Rihanna’s bad girl style and Aiche’s more delicate aesthetic.

“Creating the tattoos was a really collaborative process between Rihanna and myself, which we feel is so evident in the final designs,” Aiche said in an interview with InStyle. “There are gothic tattoos, but then we mixed in lots of daintier pieces for layering that are reminiscent of the way we stack our jewelry.”

Plus, Aiche said the two had so much fun they decided to collaborate on another set—”Something a little softer and sexier with some unexpected inspiration.” We. can’t. wait.

The sets come in black and gold and are available for $27 on Aiche’s website.