The clinks and beeps of workout machines are ringing in 2014 at Elon University. Well, at least, they are if you have been going to the gym lately.

"Go to the gym or exercise everyday."

"Stop drinking soda and play more tennis so I don't get the 'freshman 15.'"

"Do more pushups."

"Do more yoga."

These are only some of the many New Year's resolutions that have been expressed on campus. With many students aiming towards health and wellness, the fitness center has grown in popularity. The gigantic occupancy that the gym has been dealing with may surprise some; however, it is nothing out of the ordinary to senior Sarah Hopkins, who works at the fitness center.

"A lot of groups of people will come in and comment to either employees or friends that they are coming to the gym with about how they're trying to kind of kick-start what they made as their goal for their New Year's resolution," Hopkins says.

Hopkins further explains that this is all just a part of the gym's annual pattern of member activity.

"At the beginning of the fall, right around the New Year, and before Spring Break the gym tends to be... um, pretty packed," she says.

The gym is popular right now, but it can get overwhelming. Some students, like first-year John Steinberg, have found a way to stay active and fit within the comforts of their own dorms.

"When I don't have time to go to the gym, I often work out in my dorm," Steinberg says. "It could be running the stairs here, doing push-ups or sit-ups in my room. You know, just getting a good workout - a good exercise."

According to The New Republic, keeping a New Year's resolution is hard, but stay strong and you could be one of the 38 percent to achieve your goal.