Senior Immanuel Bryant works in the archive center nine hours a week and said he loves every moment of it. 

"It's not like I'm going to work. It's like I'm going to play in the Chocolate Factory," Bryant said.


His passion for libraries began in high school, but it wasn't until he met Archive Librarian Shaunta Alvarez that he discovered his passion for history.


The archives are located on the second floor of Belk Library and house parts of Elon's history in print and digital form. 


Bryant said his favorite part of his job is reading books from alumni collections because it enables him to envision what he will do with his future collections.


Hoping to venture into library information science or become a librarian, Bryant said working in the archives has benefitted him immensely.  


"I know that is something that I want to go in and I already know the Dewey Decimal system, academic system, librarian information, well Library of Congress system of cataloging, and everything like that," he said.  


It's more than historical knowledge Bryant has gained. Bryant also thinks current events on Elon's campus are enlightening, as well. 


"Just knowing that the news that we make today really does affect tomorrow, and the next year, and the year's after that is just very interesting.  It makes me, it has made me a lot more intentional with what I do," Bryant said.