To be recognized by Greek life at Elon, fraternities and sororities need to go through a new accreditation process.

According to the Office of Greek Life, the program will evaluate organizations on three different performance levels: baseline, maroon or gold. The baseline performance level is the lowest of the three. Organizations must meet the lowest GPA standards, hold elections, and sign an anti-hazing agreement. The maroon performance level requires the chapter to have a scholarship program, host or attend a leadership workshop and an alcohol awareness program. The highest performance level a chapter can receive is gold. This level requires chapters to have a program that recognizes the academic achievement and growth of its members. In order to fall under the gold performance level, Greek organizations also have to host an annual goal planning retreat, community service and a membership education program.

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Director of Greek Life Shana Plasters says organizations that don't meet the minimal performance level requirements will deal with consequences like losing their on campus houses.

"If there are chapters that year, after year, after year are not making progress, ultimately that can have an impact on them, because this will serve as the foundation for the housing review process," Plasters said.

The presentations are designed to make sure Greek organizations at Elon are meeting the standards of the university.