The most recent Elon University Poll surveyed 605 North Carolinians regarding their views on the presidency of President Barack Obama. Check out the results below and look for a full story on the poll results in the March 14 edition of The Pendulum.

Q: Do you (approve or disapprove) of the way Barack Obama is handling his job as president?

Strongly disapprove: 31.6 percent Disapprove: 16.2 percent Approve: 28.5 percent Strongly approve: 16.3 percent Don't know: 6.7 percent Refused: .7 percent

Q: Do you have a (favorable or unfavorable) opinion of President Obama? 

Strongly unfavorable: 25.3 percent Unfavorable: 18.9 percent Favorable: 31.2 percent Strongly favorable: 16.2 percent Don't know: 7.8 percent Refused: .5 percent

Q: Do you (approve or disapprove) of the way President Obama is handling the economy?

Strongly disapprove: 30.8 percent Disapprove: 20.1 percent Approve: 31.9 percent Strongly approve: 10.9 percent Don't know: 5.9 percent Refused: .4 percent

For more information about the Elon Poll, check out their website. And learn more about the leaders of the poll and how they collect data in this week's edition.