I'll give myself, and the blog, a nice warm welcome back from the busily distracted realm of finals and travels back home (as much as one can consider New Jersey to be a home...) I can't say that I've been overly compelled during this hiatus to put anything online, mainly because the main events that have been swirling around the news sphere have been largely inconsiquential "he said, she said" moments.

Did Rep. Nacy Pelosi know about waterboarding way back when? And to what degree? And who actually still thought of her as a competent and honest leader of our beloved, wonderfully brilliant Congress. The uproar is legitimate, but I can't say I care too much about any of it.

The same can be said for President Obama's newfound need to control the car industry. I've written before about my distaste for the auto bailouts, and I feel like the same opinions held in that article hold true today. If you want my two cents on the issue, just click the link and saunter off to the Pendulum (I will say that Mitt Romney wrote pretty much the same piece, which of course was in the New York Times a day before the Pendulum went to print.)

I was thinking about putting together something regarding my crankiness over the season finale for Lost, but c'mon, there's enough fanboyism on here to begin with. There's a review of Star Trek for crying out loud!

So the blog is back, and expect some new writers to hop in during the summer as well. If not real people, then I'll put together some macros to blather about the typical Internet-leftist agenda.