At Colonnades around noon, a broadcasting sasquach walked right by, barely saying a word and fully intent on carrying chocolate milk out of the dining hall. It's always strange seeing famous people, there's a mental battle between pushing yourself before them and trying to get a handshake, an autograph or an internship (even Brian Williams needs coffee brought to him...) or just playing it cool and not being that irritating person who just looks like an idiot gushing to a star.

I can imagine living in a place like New York city or any other vast metropolitan town, seeing at least a mildly famous person is a bit passe, but at Elon, famous folks only come around when the school throws money at them and there's a podium waiting for them. As tacky and inane as it may seen, little thoughts like, "Brian Williams eat regular food! He had the same sad French toast sticks and runny eggs I did!" "He drives a Rav 4? Didn't see that coming..." and "Wow, he really enjoys his chocolate milk..." are always amusing. Seeing a celebrity walk by is interesting enough, as is watching people's reactions (the double-takes from Elon students when they realized they just walked past Williams were hilarious) but seeing media stars in the real world is the ticket.

As for his kid, every single broadcast major will be fawning at his footsteps, there will be red carpets and bouquets tossed at his feet. I predict a series of elaborate disguises will be used to keep his identity secret.