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Commencement, no longer 'Under the Oaks'

5/19/17 12:00pm

Traditions have long been a staple of the culture at Elon University — among them is the annual Commencement “Under the Oaks.” But despite its long history, commencement will no longer be held “Under the Oaks.” According to Executive Director of Cultural and Special Programs Jeff Clark, commencement will be located on Scott Plaza for the foreseeable future.

The CREDE's search for new leadership continues

4/25/17 5:26pm

When Randy Williams moved out of a leadership role for the Center for Race, Ethnicity and Diversity Education (CREDE) in April 2016, a void was left in the organization’s leadership that has yet to be filled at Elon University.

Population of international students on the rise

4/19/17 7:23am

Freshman Isabel Blanco Araujo, from Venezuela, was drawn to Elon University because of its small size, student to professor ratio and Honors Fellows program. Upon arriving at school. But, Araujo found that her transition to Elon as an international student was more difficult than she imagined.

Recent national rise in anti-Semitism causes concern among Elon Jewish students and faculty

3/7/17 12:00pm

In recent months, Americans have witnessed a surge in anti-Semitism throughout the United States. Combined with the desecration of Jewish cemeteries, bomb threats against Jewish community centers and schools across the country have provoked a national discussion about the recent rise of prejudice and bigotry against Jews. Although this heightened atmosphere of anti-Semitism has not physically manifested itself at Elon University, Jewish students and faculty on campus view the increased discrimination against Jews as a cause for concern.

Design Thinking pilot takes off

2/15/17 12:31am

Tyson Glover wanted to finish off his last year at Elon with an experience that was both memorable and engaging. This is why Glover, a senior Strategic Communications major, applied to be a part of the Design Thinking Studio in Social Innovation, an immersive semester program launched by Elon this spring and directed by Dawan Stanford.

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