A familiar bearded face on Elon University's campus is stepping down at the beginning of next month. 

Adam Constantine '10, social media manager for Elon University, announced he has accepted a job as a social media specialist for Movement Mortgage, a home mortgage bank in Charlotte. He has been the social media manager at Elon since 2015.

As a social media manager, he has been coordinating stories, videos, photos and more on Elon's social media accounts. He also worked with many groups and organizations on campus on social media to help promote their work. 

Constantine, a former Elon basketball player who also played professionally overseas, quickly became a well-known figure on campus. He formed many unique connections with numerous students, faculty and staff. As an undergraduate, he studied communications and excelled athletically. His five-year professional stint in Europe helped Constantine develop a passion for social media. In 2015, he brought that passion back to Elon.

“As cliche as it sounds, I loved the community. I loved being able to interact with my mentors here on campus, and I loved being able to talk with other people that were in different departments and learning from them. I loved working with the basketball team, going to games — I really just enjoyed being an immersive member of this Elon community,” Constantine said.

In the beginning of his job as a social media manager, Constantine was faced with a challenge. Social media interaction to promote anything was a relatively new subject of study, and Constantine believes his time here as social media manager was a step in the right direction for social media involvement on campus. 

“I think our analytic numbers as well as just general sentiment has shown there has been a definite change in brand voice, and that genuinely reflects the university and its members while attracting others that are interested in the community.” 

Along with promoting social media, Constantine coordinated fun stories and posted them to established Elon social media accounts. Constantine also said he did not come from a news background, so organizing more entertaining pieces for Elon was an obstacle he was willing to face. 

“It was difficult, but it was a challenge. It might’ve been difficult, but it taught me what was acceptable and what was not and it forced me to think through these ideas thoroughly,” Constantine said. 

Constantine said he will deeply miss the community, but also knows he will always be connected to Elon in some way going forward. 

“The good thing is a lot of what I am going to miss also transfers with me, those relationships I’ll still have those, but I think definitely interacting with students, covering events, I’ll miss that a lot.”