For Elon University graduates, now is the time to update resumes and get new business cards. The Elon Alumni Association's regional chapters and clubs are gearing up for their first National Networking Day, scheduled for Jan. 25.

"The event really utilizes the network of alumni that we have and really gets them to interact with one another and use each other as a resource for their career and professional growth," said Jamie Grauel, coordinator of regional alumni engagement.

There are 17 regional chapters and clubs under the Alumni Associations participating in the event, Grauel said, and a variety of activity.

"Some of them are more formal programs where the alums in attendance will be learning secrets to success or how to work a room networking, how to develop your social media brand and how-to things they can use in their own careers," she said. "And not everyone is having a speaker, so it's more of a meet- and-greet and connect with alums in their area event."

Chapters and clubs from Houston to Philadelphia to Seattle and to the Piedmont Traid will meet up for the event.

"I am hoping the event will cause an increased sense of camaraderie and will encourage more people to attend Philadelphia chapter events," said Christine Winans, president of the Philadelphia chapter. "It's a really great way to increase your business network."

The event is not just for graduates looking for a job, but also for alumni to increase their personal network.

"We are not just trying to just focus on those alums that are looking for new opportunities," Grauel said. "We are also trying to focus on those alumni who are trying to enhance their current business."

The decision to host the event in the beginning of the year was part of the Alumni Association's push for alumni to make it a resolution to get connected with other Elon alumni.

The National Networking Day falls during Elon's Fake Break, and both Grauel and Winans encourage students traveling home to stop by their nearby event.

There are a lot of opportunities for seniors about to graduate who can meet employers at events like this, Winans said Representatives of the Elon Alumni Association expect anywhere between 400 to 500 people to attend the event nationwide.

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