Students receiving their first Elon alcohol violation will no longer wake up the next morning wondering when their parents will be notified.

Serving 10 restitution hours has also been dropped for first time alcohol violators and the fine lessoned from $150 to $50. These are just some of the changes to the alcohol policy that went into effect when Judicial Affairs became Student Conduct earlier this month.

The policy and name changes do not indicate a new direction for the administrative body but a subtle change that has taken place in the previous years, said Whitney Gregory, director of Student Conduct.

"We considered the statistics, heard student feedback, held focus groups and the message we want to make sure we are communicating to students is that we are supporting the decision not to drink," Gregory said. "And if the student is choosing to consume alcohol we want to ensure they are doing it in a low-risk, healthy manner."

First time violators will still recieve an official reprimand, which will be removed from the records after a student's first academic year, and an alcohol education program or project. Students will have to complete restitution hours and a letter will be sent to parents after a second violation.

A new medical policy has been created to encourage students to help their peers who are in danger of alcohol poisoning. The Medical Safety Policy states a person taken to the hospital will not be suspended as a result of the alcohol violation but will have to complete a substance abuse assessment and will be placed on preliminary suspension, meaning the loss of leadership positions and the ability to study abroad for a year.

Students, worried their friends would be suspended from Elon, would choose to not take them to the hospital and care for them their selves, Gregory said.

"We received strong feedback from the past few years regarding supporting student safety and health," she said. "If students have concerns about taking a friend to the hospital because of the consequence of suspension being there we wanted to remove that."

Here are some of the other Elon policies:

Innocent Bystander:

Students under the legal drinking age are allowed to be in the presence of alcohol. They must, however, request an "Alco- Sensor" to prove they have not been drinking.

Good Samaritan Policy:

If a student is with another student "in danger" or "of concern" of having alcohol poisoning they will not be charged with an alcohol violation iftheycallforhelp.

Drinking Games:

Regardless of age, drinking games are in violation of Elon's alcohol policy.

Medical Safety Policy:

Students will not be automatically suspended for receiving medical attention related to consumption of alcohol.

For more information refer to the student handbook or visit the Student Conduct website.