OPINIONS 10/5/17 9:00am

OSBORNE: Don't let the fear of the "Freshman Fifteen" run your life

Before anyone decides to rant or send me an angry email about how backward I am when it comes to body image, or that I am most definitely sponsored by Weight Watchers and other similar companies, note that the “Freshman Fifteen” is in quotation marks. I am quoting a concept, a trite concept somehow insinuated into the brains of every college female I have met in just the first month on campus. Before graduating high school, the guidance counselors thought it would be a great idea for us girls to write down our biggest fears about higher education. I could not help noting that “weight gain” made that list.

OPINIONS 9/13/17 8:00am

COLUMN: Whatever you do, go outside

Go outside. Whatever it is you do, there’s a way to do it outside. Walking across campus, even on the nicest of days, you’d have no idea that there are over six thousand students at Elon.

OPINIONS 8/24/17 4:21pm

CAMPUS VOICES: Use SGA as a resource

Class of 2021, I am more than excited to welcome you to Elon University. While I am certainly not nearly the first to do so, I wish to add to the chorus of voices that are glad you are on campus and hoping you will have the most amazing time over the next four years here as part of our community.

OPINIONS 5/4/17 11:02pm

EDITORIAL: Mental illness terminology should not be used casually

Mental illness is an issue that affects many students on Elon University’s campus. While not everyone suffers from a mental illness, mental health still affects us all and it deserves to be taken seriously and respected as a real problem students are consistently facing. Too often, Elon students use mental illness terminology flippantly in casual conversations, speaking phrases such as “Sorry, I’m so OCD” or “Oh I’m so depressed.” For students who actually suffer from these mental illnesses, using this terminology is perfectly OK.

OPINIONS 5/4/17 2:35pm

MORGAN: Enough is enough

When I signed up to live in the Alpha Phi Alpha house for next year, I knew it would be eventful. I didn't know it would geographically be at the middle of two controversies. This week proved me wrong.

OPINIONS 4/5/17 8:46am

BENSON: Millennials must stop cancelling plans

The world and all of its inhabitants loves to use millennials as the punching bag for blame — other generations tend to pin fault on this young, innovative and self-concerned sector of society for its handful of flaws. We have been perceived as lazy, stubborn, arrogant and resistant by other generations, and these allegations can be fought and challenged in numerous ways.


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