OPINIONS 10/25/17 4:18pm

LENETT: In search of sense, look to the stars

Before arriving at college, I couldn’t even entertain the thought of reading for pleasure. Throughout my years of schooling, reading was always assigned, and it felt like an absolute chore to learn about seemingly negligible topics--like astrophysics, for example. To add to the agony, I was usually required to craft some variation of a templated, soulless essay about what I learned.

OPINIONS 10/25/17 3:53pm

EDITORIAL: Other people’s cultures should not be worn as costumes

For many students at Elon University, Halloween is an exciting and fun holiday where students can dress up in costumes with their friends. Too often though, students and people across the world take this innocent holiday as an opportunity to use other people's cultures as costumes or otherwise be insensitive — even if they do not mean to. Some costumes may not even seem inappropriate at first, but when looked at critically, clearly have racist, homophobic, transphobic or sexist implications. 

OPINIONS 10/25/17 3:36pm

TOROSSIAN: Attend campus events to learn different perspectives

Last semester my friend Morgan Bodenarain, executive president of SGA, invited me to the N-Word Forum, an event organized by the Black Student Union. Before she asked me to go, I had seen posters promoting the event around campus and, to be honest, I had no interest in attending. But Bodenarain insisted I attend with her. The second we walked into the room, I noticed that I was in the minority.

OPINIONS 10/9/17 9:27pm

NTIM: Do we have a right to values?

  So far in college, I’ve learned it is impossible to view U.S. politics from only one perspective. Like the range of students at a liberal arts college, the combinations of viewpoints are endless. Notions of representation and freedoms become jumbled in rhetoric about identity politics in this era of globalization.  We grapple daily with our differing interests, occupations and political affiliations. These three, together, are derived from our self-imposed rules and values. 

OPINIONS 10/9/17 9:23pm

EDITORIAL: Elon's ninth president faces challenges in new role

On Oct. 9, Elon University announced its newest President-elect, Constance “Connie” Ledoux Book, who will be the university’s first female president. This announcement came after a closed eight-monthlong search that left many Elon community members wanting more information.  Book is undoubtedly very qualified for this job — her experiences in her varying roles at Elon and at her previous institution, The Citadel, show her commitment to and passion for higher education. Many students, faculty and staff members who knew or worked with her during her time here at Elon showed excitement for her return. 

OPINIONS 10/5/17 9:00am

OSBORNE: Don't let the fear of the "Freshman Fifteen" run your life

Before anyone decides to rant or send me an angry email about how backward I am when it comes to body image, or that I am most definitely sponsored by Weight Watchers and other similar companies, note that the “Freshman Fifteen” is in quotation marks. I am quoting a concept, a trite concept somehow insinuated into the brains of every college female I have met in just the first month on campus. Before graduating high school, the guidance counselors thought it would be a great idea for us girls to write down our biggest fears about higher education. I could not help noting that “weight gain” made that list.

OPINIONS 9/13/17 8:00am

COLUMN: Whatever you do, go outside

Go outside. Whatever it is you do, there’s a way to do it outside. Walking across campus, even on the nicest of days, you’d have no idea that there are over six thousand students at Elon.

OPINIONS 8/24/17 4:21pm

CAMPUS VOICES: Use SGA as a resource

Class of 2021, I am more than excited to welcome you to Elon University. While I am certainly not nearly the first to do so, I wish to add to the chorus of voices that are glad you are on campus and hoping you will have the most amazing time over the next four years here as part of our community.


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