OPINIONS 9/12/18 12:00pm

OPINION: Be great on your own terms

We are often baited into thinking that “success” is defined by an expansive trophy case or the pieces of paper that hang on one’s wall in their home office. And while undoubtedly those are truly amazing feats, the goal, the award, is not what makes you successful.

OPINIONS 9/12/18 10:30am

EDITORIAL: Why a Liberal Arts education is important

It’s easy to doubt the importance of a liberal arts education in everyday life, especially when weighing the value of certain courses for potential career paths. But we should take advantage of ways in which this type of education can help us advance in life, both personally and professionally.

OPINIONS 9/12/18 8:00am

WILKES: Vote to change your community

The importance of one’s vote is often overlooked, under-appreciated and undervalued. People want to stay away from politics because it is a polarizing subject, and while someone may not want to talk about politics, this doesn't mean they shouldn’t vote. Voting is a pivotal part of a democracy, and it is another outlet for students to express their political ideologies and make social changes. 

OPINIONS 9/5/18 12:00am

EDITORIAL: Mental health should matter to you

It’s important that we treat a mental health problem at its onset. Various treatment options exist, but the crucial step is recognizing that we can seek help. If we don’t, we risk decreasing our state of wellbeing, academic performance, and personal motivation to achieve our goals. 


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