OPINIONS 11/5/12 6:11pm

Absentee voting from Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — I knew when I decided to go abroad this semester that voting absentee would be part of the experience. I registered to receive my absentee ballot before I left and once I was abroad, I waited early for the email.

OPINIONS 10/4/12 9:10pm

London Impressions and Daily Differences

Elon students studying abroad this semester in London share their impressions, observations and experiences that they have made since arriving to the city .  Expectations By Allie Andrews Expectations can be a difficult thing.

OPINIONS 10/2/12 8:55pm

Correspondents' Corner: Paradox in Paradise

DAKAR, SENEGAL — Goree, a picturesque island just two kilometers from Dakar’s harbor, provided my first refreshing escape from the busy, dirty city of Dakar to a serene, beautiful island still dotted with colonial era buildings and cobblestone paths.