OPINIONS 11/4/15 12:11pm

The 72 percent

In the fall of 1999, my next-door neighbor asked me how I felt about my new place after having moved from Illinois to North Carolina two months earlier.

OPINIONS 11/3/15 6:10pm

Help us help you create your life story

How meaningful are the relationships you’re creating? How purposeful are you in picking activities that will add depth to your learning? What is the contribution of Greek life to Elon’s social climate? If going to a house party isn’t your scene, what do you want to do on a weekend night?

OPINIONS 11/3/15 12:03am

All in a year at Elon

Five weeks. Five weeks is the amount of time I have left as student at Elon University. There are seven months until I walk across the stage under the oaks with the rest of my class.

OPINIONS 10/28/15 8:00am

Treat Title IX training as a priority

A new population on campus now knows how to appropriately report and respond to instances of sexual assault or harassment: members of fraternities and sororities

OPINIONS 10/28/15 8:00am

Elon longs for longer lunch tables

As Elon Dining, formerly branded as Aramark, moves forward, it has a chance to redesign the university’s dining halls in a way that is much more welcoming.

OPINIONS 10/26/15 10:30pm

Lend a hand

As a competitive player in the “No-Shave November” since I started taking part in my high school’s competition, I view Halloween less as a terror and more as the day my legs begin to grow ... well ... hairier.

OPINIONS 10/22/15 10:13am

A state fair to remember

Once a year, folks from all walks of life find themselves waking in the middle of the night to an inexplicable autumnal energy flowing across time and space, telling them the time has come. The annual people-watching state championship, otherwise known as the North Carolina State Fair, has arrived.

OPINIONS 10/21/15 2:11pm

Be more than 'practical'

As someone who teaches courses within the arts and sciences, specifically in the Department of Religious Studies, I often hear students say some variation of the following: “I love my courses in religious studies (insert any other arts and humanities field here), but I need to take a major that will get me a job after college.”

OPINIONS 10/21/15 8:00am

All debates are worth watching

Republican and Democrat events, ideologies and politicians receive polarized treatment here, and it detracts from everyone’s awareness of the political climate as we approach the 2016 presidential elections.


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