NEWS 12/7/18 8:00am

Getting to know Elon's Finest: The university's hip-hop dance group

Even with one of their biggest performances of the year just hours away, the members of Elon’s Finest dance team took to the stage to laugh with their friends. Each in matching Adidas track pants and tank tops, the hip-hop dancers began a final run-through, adjusting their angles and spacing before welcoming one of the largest audiences they’ve seen.

NEWS 12/5/18 4:19pm

CAMPUS VOICES: Thoughts on the SGA proposed budget

The current budget process that SGA uses is from 1999, making it older than many of the students on Elon’s campus. It is time for a change and SGA has been working on one for this upcoming academic year. The potential changes were discussed at a town hall on Thursday, Nov. 29 in downstairs Moseley and the new policy will come to vote at the SGA meeting on Thursday. Dec. 6.

SPORTS 12/4/18 11:00pm

Phoenix falls to No. 25 Furman

Elon University men’s basketball trails the Paladins of Furman University 39-29 at halftime. Elon found a rhythm in the middle of the of the half to get back in the game, but fell silent down the stretch, scoring just two points in the final nearly six minutes.   

SPORTS 12/2/18 12:52pm

Men's basketball falls to Boston University

Despite a hard-fought battle, Elon University men’s basketball (3-5) fell to Boston University 65-58 at Schar Center. Elon and the Terriers went back and forth trading the lead in the second half, but in the end, mental mistakes proved costly, and Elon fell short of a big win for its Saturday matinee.

NEWS 12/2/18 8:00am

BENSON: Stay motivated in the year of women

Try not to get bogged down by the micro-invalidations of the people you find yourself with at a holiday party. Try to tell yourself that maybe they grew up in a different time where female independence wasn’t celebrated, or if it was, that they didn’t have the courage to grab it by the horns.

NEWS 11/30/18 8:00am

Navigating Disability

Misbah Chhotani, a sophomore psychology major, has found a strong community at Elon University. She chose to attend the university because of her connections with Elon students during her high school years in Burlington, and continues to stay involved through Young Life, InterVarsity and ElonThon. Despite her clear sense of inclusion, one factor sets her apart from other Elon students. 

NEWS 11/29/18 11:28pm

Changes proposed to SGA's 19-year-old budget model

SGA is proposing to reform its allocation budget model for next year after concluding its previous model was not sustainable. A proposal for the original model to be replaced asks club members to make individual proposals through the year to SGA online at Phoenix Connect for each expense. After assessment, executive treasurer of SGA Max Pivonka said the organization found problems with balance in the old system.